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This is a theatrical story game. Lead the hero Yukiji on a journey of vengeance, to the snowy mountain where Yukie resides. The story will proceed in a movie-like fashion.
$2.84 $2.99
"YumeCore" is a new type of game combining side-scrolling beat-’em-up action with adventure-style investigation that puts the “aii” in “kawaii.” Fight your way through the waking dreams of the sickly girl Soboko to escape the hospital.
$4.74 $4.99
Zueirama is an adventure and humor game with MANY references to memes and pop culture. Come on this crazy adventure to save the zueira!
$7.59 $7.99
$5.69 $5.99
Oh noes! Meteors are raining down and your loved ones are at home alone! Race back to make sure they're safe, but be careful - cats only have 9 lives!
$0.94 $0.99
时间是我们唯一不能抵抗的东西 有些人和事一旦失去就永远也找不回来了吧 在钢筋水泥构建的世界中 人们疲惫的奔跑 徘徊 哭泣 大笑 又瞬间淹没于茫茫人海 昏暗的环境 孤独前行的人 回头的一瞬间 别忘了我们的来处!
$1.89 $1.99