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8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars

8bit Generation is a labor of love, from people who love the 8bit era, for people who are passionate or simply curious about it.
$5.99 $5.39

A Crashlands Story: Dev Diary

Dev Diary is a documentary series dedicated to capturing video game developers as they develop their games - and all of the personal struggles that accompany game development.
$3.99 $3.59

AIRHEART - The Bonus Content

This content requires the base game AIRHEART - Tales of broken Wings on Steam in order to play.
$2.99 $2.69

Blender Game Asset Creation

In 8 well organized sections with 51 short videos you will get a complete introduction to Blender and how to create game assets. This tutorial has been produced by Blender Institute, to support Blender Foundation projects.
$9.99 $8.99

Branching Paths

Branching Paths is a mosaic of the developers, publishers and people who gravitate to indie games in Japan.
$9.99 $8.99

Code Girl

By 2017, the app market will be valued at $77 Billion. Over 80% of app developers are male. The Technovation Challenge aims to change that by empowering girls worldwide to develop apps for an international competition with a $10K prize.
$4.99 $4.49

Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope

In a dried up world, where death is your destiny, can you survive the struggle?
$4.99 $4.49

CPUCores :: Maximize Your FPS

Maximize your FPS :: Use CPUCores to isolate and constrain OS + non-game processes and dedicate CPU resources to be used exclusively for your games! CPUCores fully integrates with all Steam games!
$14.99 $13.49

Creature Factory 2

Creature Factory 2 is a workflow oriented Blender tutorial series. It allows you to witness an inspiring creative process from start to finish. Total duration: 13 hours, 45 chapters.
$9.99 $8.99


Join the Cyberdrifter team, a specialised force tasked with infiltrating systems virtually and terminating all rogue A.I. in Cyberspace!
$11.99 $10.79

Exo Racing

Exo Racing is for everyone who wanted to take part in illegal racing but been scared of legal consequences and risk of getting hurt.
$9.99 $8.99

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years! is a feature film documentary that explores the influence of the Commodore Amiga and how it influenced a generation of developers to take video game development, music and publishing to a whole new level which then changed the video game industry forever!
$11.99 $10.79

Gaming the Real World

Gaming the Real World is the first feature documentary film about video games changing the real world. It follows three game developers, Mojang - the creators of Minecraft, Paradox Interactive - publishers of Cities: Skylines and indie-game developer José Sanches in their struggle to make their games being more than just a game, but also...
$2.99 $2.69

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a feature documentary exploring the world of indie game developers – their craft, their games, their dreams, and how they have forever changed the landscape of games culture.
$9.99 $8.99

Gaming In Color

Out of the closet and into the arcade! Gaming In Color is a feature documentary exploring the queer side of gaming: the queer gaming community, gaymer culture and events, and the rise of LGBTQ themes in video games.
$1.99 $1.79

Heroes Must Die the Show

Have you ever wondered what a real life video game would be like? Wonder no more as Heroes Must Die brings monsters, magic, gameplay, dungeon delves, giant swords, and more to life in this video of the theatrical sequel to the Heroes Must Die RPG.
$1.99 $1.79

Indie Games in China/独行

The filming of the movie began in 2016, starting at the closing ceremony of "indiePlay China Indie Games Competition". The movie focuses on independent game developers, some of whom won the prize at the ceremony while others didn't, and their dissimilar life experiences afterwards.
$2.99 $2.69

Klondike Solitaire Kings

Famous Card game also known as Klondike. We kept the game true to the spirit of the classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) Klondike Solitaire Kings features a beautiful custom designed card set in high resolution with 300+ levels, playing Patience on your desktop never looked this good!
$0.99 $0.89


Get inside the character's mind!
$7.99 $7.19

Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler

In 1984, on a single quarter (and over 44 hours of non-stop play), Tim McVey became the first person in history to score over one billion points on a video game. 25 years later, rumors of a higher score surface online, attributed to Italian kickboxing champion Enrico Zanetti.
$4.99 $4.49

Mahjong Challenge

Mahjong Challenge is the perfect game for the casual player looking for fun and extensive gameplay. The goal of this game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board.
$0.59 $0.53