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随风而逝/Story About Times

时间是我们唯一不能抵抗的东西 有些人和事一旦失去就永远也找不回来了吧 在钢筋水泥构建的世界中 人们疲惫的奔跑 徘徊 哭泣 大笑 又瞬间淹没于茫茫人海 昏暗的环境 孤独前行的人 回头的一瞬间 别忘了我们的来处!

甜点恋人 / Pastry Lovers

Pastry Lovers is an adventure simulation game that sets in a fantastic Pastry Kingdom. Sakura, the main character, grows into a pastry master and gains romantic love.

透视 / Watch

A narrative driven puzzle platformer. It has a unique use of perspective, combined with "Fez-like" ability to change your view, results in an unusual platform puzzle-solving experience. On top of that, with a bizarre narrative, the story becomes a great mystery to uncover.

蔚蓝月下 Sapphire Moon - 春节特别版 - 华灯初上

This content requires the base game 蔚蓝月下 Sapphire Moon on Steam in order to play.


日常的背后是深不可见底的黑暗,他们所积累的一切又将归为虚无。 《勿忘此铭》是一款科幻青春校园恋爱文字游戏。玩家将扮演男主角孟想体验多彩的校园生活,并推开世界重重的迷雾寻找真相。


This content requires the base game 勿忘此铭 on Steam in order to play.

下一层的封魔塔 Forever War

The world's greatest warriors set out for the tower! Start your expedition! Defeat those cute enemies who suddenly appear in front of you! Or be frightened by treasures and your amazing luck!

夏花的轨迹——A summer promise to forever

"let's make a promise... When I grow up, I'll find you." By complete chance, these two childhood friends meet again after 10 years apart, but this time, will he be able to hold on to her? Or, will he lose here again forever? A love story about a summer trip in the countryside.

虚幻深渊 The Illusory abyss


寻迹 -A story of a song-

忆与往事,爱与家族。难以割舍的感情,陷入旋涡的回忆。 黄昏下的教室,幽幽的琴音在走廊回荡。 失意的教师与心事重重的少女,故事由此展开。 寻找那首歌,也是为了找寻自己。

炎之陨落 The Fallen of The Blaze Empire

The Fall of The Blaze Empire is an indie game based on science fiction and martial arts. Players will open a magical ancient books, in the story of a perspective of ordinary people, experienced the ups and downs of the great yan empire, as well as the hidden line in thirteen Chinese states.

异种战争少女 Alien War Girl

The game is named "Valkyrie ", and it tells a story of the heroine's struggle against alien invasion of Earth. Our beautiful heroine will fight aginst oppression to win her freedom and take revenge on her father.

勇者有点太嚣张。G(No Hero Allowed: No Puzzle Either!)

Porting game from PSVita platform.In the game, you will play the lord who takes up the pickel and makes the army of demons to defeat the hero who come to attack the maze,It is recommended to open the sound experience game will be very feeling, the normal world is about 8-10 hours, collecting all the monsters and braver have certain...

月影魅像-解放之羽- / Tsukikage no Simulacre:Kaihou no Hane


枕边少女 MOE Hypnotist - share dreams with you

读睡前故事?唱摇篮曲?亲手喂安眠药?和陪睡达人枕边少女一起共度良宵吧! 本游戏是由“橘子班”制作的枕边少女系列合集,今后或许不定期会有更多的枕边少女加入其中,尽请期待。