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Return 2 Games Supporter's Pack

This content requires the base game Book of Demons on Steam in order to play.
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About Return 2 Games Supporter's Pack

What do I get as an R2G Supporter Today?

Your name featured in the credits (with the next update of the game)
You will be taking advantage of the discounted price. We want to reward supporters who are with us from the very beginning and we will be increasing the price of the package with every new game released.
Endless love of the entire Thing Trunk team

What will I get in the future?

All future R2G games released in the series
All additional premium content ever created for any of the games (such as DLC’s, digital collector’s content like artbooks, soundtracks, etc.)
Access to preview builds of the upcoming games before they are released to the public (even before early access)

How long will it take?

Now that’s a really tough question. We’d love to release a new game every two years, and we’ll strive to do so, but this is something we can’t guarantee. We’re a very small independent team and the development of the first game, Book of Demons, has already taken much longer than we anticipated. And it’s still not 100% complete. We should be able to make following games faster as a lot of the groundwork has already been done while developing Book of Demons; we have the art style, the common R2G launcher, a working pipeline backend tools, for some of the upcoming games we even have already created the animated intro sequences. Since we are self-funded, it will also depend on the level of commercial success Book of Demons achieves once it’s released. If it performs well, we should be able to scale our team and work faster. It it’s not that great it might make bigger business sense for us to port it to other platforms first.

Either way, this will be a long ride, so please make sure this is something you are comfortable with before deciding to support us.

What about other platforms?

Return 2 Games Supporter’s Pack is for Steam supported platforms only. This means PC, Mac (and possibly Linux) builds of the future games. It’s technically not possible for us to sell bundled licenses for other proprietary platforms (like mobile or consoles) so these will be distributed separately should they arrive.

What happens if you fail?

Another tough one. We’d like to write that failure is not an option, but let’s be real – this is not the case, especially with such an ambitious task at hand. Failure is something we’ll try to avoid at any cost and we’ll take any route that will help us realize the R2G vision. Still, if the games flop and we go down midway, we might not be able to give refunds. We might fail in a way, that it will take forever to complete the series. There’s a few more scenarios we’d consider a failure, but if there is one thing we can promise it’s this - we’ll do everything in our power not to stumble. The biggest risk lies just ahead with the release of Book of Demons, but so far judging by the early reviews we’re cautiously optimistic.

How can I help more?

If you support our vision and you’d like to help us even more (apart from purchasing the R2G Supporter’s Bundle) below are some things you might do. We feel pretty comfortable developing games, but we suck at marketing, so it would really mean a lot to us if you could:

  • Spread the word about Book of Demons and R2G series among your friends
  • Review us on Steam
  • Follow "Thing Trunk" on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Subscribe to the newsletter on our website

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, contact us (you can find a contact form on our website) and we’ll try to clear everything up.
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