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A war that has lasted over 100 years is coming to an end. Guide 2 soldiers on their mission to end the long conflict and escape with their lives. Includes hundreds of items, over 20 quests to complete and professional writing and voice acting.
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About Honor Cry: Aftermath

A war that has lasted over 100 years is coming to an end. The blood, sacrifice and pain of any conflict between men bear many scars, and in the world of Honor Cry, loyalty and glory go hand in hand.

In this game, you play Commander Jerus, a decorated veteran soldier who has been stranded in a hostile part of the realm. You are joined by your long-time friend and soldier Captain Verrel, whose bursts of rage can inflict much harm on his enemies. Your goal: To find and defeat the evil Cryum, end the long war and return to your family.

But of course, things are not always so simple...


  • Detailed maps and graphics, along with weather and fog effects in full 720p. Randomized encounters and loot every game!

  • Over a dozen different skills to choose from, along with 6 different stats for each character.

  • Easy to use mouse or keyboard interface, fully customizable to your taste.

  • Over 200 different items, each with hundreds of variations due to the prefix/suffix system.

  • Over 20 quests to complete in this 3-5 hour experience. Other features include over 30 different monsters to fight, 5 different environments and full unique music score and professional voice acting.

Join the battle in Honor Cry: Aftermath today!
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