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Have you ever imagined a puzzle, point-and-click, murder mystery game in two dimensions?! Me neither, but here it is! Detective Failure (Felix Allure) is on a hunt for a murder and he won't stop until he finds one. Multiple different endings. Can you find a way to accuse everyone?
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About Detective Failure

"This is the best game since The Witcher 3" - No one ever.

"Definitely Worth 3$" - Could be you.

Detective Failure is a

  • Puzzle game without puzzles!*
  • Murder mystery game with 11 significally different endings!
  • Game created with RPG Maker MV that has no aspects of an RPG!
  • Oldschool point-and-click game moved to a 2D.

    * - Game might actually have puzzles.
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Language English
Windows <div class="game_area_sys_req_full"><ul><strong>Minimum:</strong><br/><ul class="sys-ul"><li><strong>OS:</strong> Windows XP/7/8/10 I guess it would run on Win98 as well. Not sure about Windows 3.1<br/></li><li><strong>Processor:</strong> Oh gee I don't know. It's built with RPG Maker MV so I guess ANY? Intel Core Duo will suffice.<br/></li><li><strong>Memory:</strong> 2 GB RAM<br/></li><li><strong>Graphics:</strong> You can literally run it with a potato. It worked on my office computers that had only some lame oldschool chipset.<br/></li><li><strong>Storage:</strong> 250 MB available space<br/></li><li><strong>Sound Card:</strong> Oh yeah it would help if you had one.</li></ul> </ul></div>
Developer Tomasz Chmura
Publisher Tomasz Chmura
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