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Delicious - Emily's Miracle of Life

Help Emily through the ups and downs of her pregnancy!
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About Delicious - Emily's Miracle of Life

Join Emily for a very special chapter of her life! One thing's for sure, her family will never be the same again after this...

Right after Emily starts her very own cooking video blog, she receives some heart-warming news... She's expecting a new bundle of joy! But how's Emily going to combine everything that's going on in her life with getting ready for the baby? ๐Ÿ‘ถ ๐Ÿผ

๐Ÿผ WELCOME THE NEW DELICIOUS FAMILY MEMBER and be a part of this heart-felt stage in Emily's life
๐Ÿผ PLAY 60 TOUCHING TIME MANAGEMENT LEVELS and 30 extra challenging bonus levels
๐Ÿผ GUIDE EMILY THROUGH HER PREGNANCY and witness her many ups and downs first hand
๐Ÿผ DISCOVER 6 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS and visit Emily's Kitchen, a Yoga Studio, a Day Care Center and other super cute baby-related places
๐Ÿผ HANG OUT WITH EMILY'S FRIENDS AND FAMILY and say hi to Angela, Franรงois and Allison, plus many others
๐Ÿผ CUSTOMIZE THE NEW NURSERY and surprise Emily with the perfect baby room
๐Ÿผ TRY NEW FEATURES LIKE DAILY CHALLENGES and take on a new challenge level every day
๐Ÿผ CREATE YOUR OWN DELICIOUS POSTCARDSand earn all the trophies to share special messages with your loved ones

Will you be there for Emily when she needs you most?

Having your very own cooking video blog and sharing delicious family recipes with the rest of the world doesn't come easy. ๐ŸŽฅ ๐Ÿ It's hard work - and with a family like Emily's, you never know what might happen...

On top of everything, Emily's really tired and hasn't been feeling well lately. She and Patrick have been trying to have another baby, but without any success. Is it simply not in the cards for them? Yet just as they try to accept this, Emily receives some life-changing news... She's not feeling well, because she's pregnant! ๐Ÿ‘ถ

Emily and Patrick couldn't be happier! But how are they going to manage everything that's going on? Preparing for the baby, filming the cooking vlog, handling their over-excited family... They could use a hand!

Help Emily through this emotional rollercoaster and get ready to experience the miracles of life! โค
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