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Chaos Theory is an evolving virtual world set in a fantasy based reality. The 'Butterfly Effect' gameplay gives you a blend of RPG, RTS, and city building in a vast open sandbox environment. Manage all aspects to secure the future of your civilisation. You only have one life, so use it wisely...
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About Chaos Theory

Please be aware this game is in very early access and by purchasing the game you will initially be helping with providing feedback on bugs and game play. Due to this early release not all features will be available. However, we will be releasing constant updates which will offer new content and features as they're developed. We welcome your feedback!

Chaos Theory is an open-ended sandbox virtual world with a blend of RPG and a real time strategy / city builder.
It asks one simple question – how will your actions shape the world?

A Real World 'Butterfly Effect': In this amazing open world environment, every item is interactive and every action you make has an effect on the future course of the world around you.

Set in the town of Lunaris, you must survive by firstly gathering food, building an array of industrial, defensive, residential and commercial buildings and carefully managing your resources. You must also do your utmost to defend against the evil invasion of the Death Guard!

The towns continued survival relies on your cunning, luck and ability to part of a successful community.

About Chaos Theory:

  • Sandbox city management survival game with a focus on realistic life mechanics.
  • Carefully manage variables like genetic traits, food, and resources to secure your town's future and help them prosper.
  • One life only- PERMADEATH adds a unique tension to the game
  • Collect and craft items to help yourself, your family and the towns community at large survive and thrive
  • Build town buildings to help with the survival of your community.
  • Manage emotional character traits like passivity and aggression to get ahead of the game
  • All other villagers of the town will help shape the future of the town and its environment
  • Defend against the ever increasing invasion from the Death Guard

    This Early Access version includes the following features:

  • Third-Person / First Person character control
  • Basic combat system (melee only)
  • RPG levelling system
  • Character design
  • Inventory system
  • Resource gathering
  • Crafting system
  • Social system
  • Family system
  • Day / Night cycle

    Upcoming features:

  • Full combat system to include ranged and magic
  • Building construction
  • The Royal family
  • Trading system
  • Monetary system
  • Will system (allows you to pass down a characters property)
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Developer Chaos Theory Studios
Review Mixed - 54% of the 11 user reviews for this game are positive.
Publisher Chaos Theory Studios
Language English
Windows <div class="sys-l"><ul><strong>Minimum:</strong><br/><ul class="sys-ul"><li>Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system<br/></li><li><strong>OS:</strong> Windows 10 64bit OS required<br/></li><li><strong>Processor:</strong> Intel I5 7500 3Ghz or higher<br/></li><li><strong>Memory:</strong> 8 GB RAM<br/></li><li><strong>Graphics:</strong> GeForce GTX 970 or higher<br/></li><li><strong>DirectX:</strong> Version 10<br/></li><li><strong>Storage:</strong> 2 GB available space<br/></li><li><strong>Sound Card:</strong> FMOD compatible sound card</li></ul> </ul></div><div class="sys-r"><ul><strong>Recommended:</strong><br/><ul class="sys-ul"><li>Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system</li></ul> </ul></div>
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