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Business tour. Crazy Heroes: Rainbow mercenary

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Do you like to dream, have your head in the clouds, build sweet castles in the air, and ride the rainbow? He definitely doesn't like it. At all! He isn't an ordinary unicorn. He didn't get rose-colored glasses at birth. Instead, he got a terrible allergy, which is not just a rash after eating too much sweet, although he has got this one as well. It is also an insatiable obsession with murder, which awakens once he touches something pink, soft and fluffy. So man up and into the battle! He'll help you in the battle and beat up all competitors (no matter who wins). And don't forget about ultra-mega-cool animated dices! They'll be distracting competitors while you are fighting your way to victory together. He will also present 100 gold and 50,000 chips to you. After all, he has a drop of mercy. Goddamn pink gene...

After buying this content, you get to your collection of characters "Rainbow mercenary", "Rainbow mercenary's dice" as well as 100 gold and 50,000 chips.
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Developer Creobit
Publisher 8Floor
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