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Business tour. Crazy Heroes: Mr. and Mrs. Balloonski

This content requires the base game Business Tour - Board Game with Online Multiplayer on Steam in order to play.
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About Business tour. Crazy Heroes: Mr. and Mrs. Balloonski

There are many different superpowers. Someone can move objects with his mind, someone can burns everything in his path with a look, and someone is even immortal! And there are superheroes who created explicitly for something special but even they don't know for what... But they don't care what other people say. But secretly they want to terrify enemies and to give hope to the people without giving up their superpowers. Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Balloonski! They know a lot about balloons! And they will teach you to find the high-quality chemistry of the air. And also they will show how to handle sharp objects or how to stay away from it... And the dice, 100 gold and 50.000 chips will cheer you up.

After buying this content, you get to your collection of characters "Mr. Balloonski", "Mrs. Balloonski", "Balloonski's dice" as well as 100 gold and 50,000 chips.
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