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Boot Hill Heroes - The Hangman's Ballad

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This DLC is FREE until March 6!

“The Hangman’s Ballad” is a side-story post-game adventure for Boot Hill Heroes. This content adds about 3 more hours to the 10-15 hour game length (not including the excruciatingly difficult final boss who may require much more time to defeat). “The Hangman’s Ballad” contains several new enemies and boss encounters along with new materials, weapons, and armor to collect.

The story of “The Hangman’s Ballad” is unlocked post-game (after the end credit sequence). Cross the bridge in Kickstart Creek and our heroes will be asked to investigate a Chepakwik Indian raid on a wagon train at Crazy Bone Pass. Moon Dancer is determined to get to the bottom of this unwarranted assault, but when she finds that her own brother, First Winter, is behind the attack, she finds herself torn between the desire to defend her family while maintaining the peace.

Crazy Bone Pass sheds some light on the history behind Bronco County. A winding and perilous mountain passage, it is the only way in and out of Bronco County.

Brutal creatures like eagles, geckos, and lynx stalk the pass looking for unwary pioneers.

An encounter with the obstinate Colonel Middleton only serves to exacerbate the tensions between the militia and the Chepakwik.

Track down First Winter deep within the mountain’s caves. Will this tale see siblings raise arms against one other?

….and just who is the mysterious hangman? Could there be more to this ballad than what it seems?
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