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Educational Journey Through the Body
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About Body Discovery

Educational journey Through the body

- You can see:

"1- how the digestive, urinary, respiratory and the auditory organs
from the inside look like"

2- Names of the organs and the tissues

3- Information about some common disorders

4- How these disorders affect the organs and the tissues

5- these disorders are:

- Cases of the White tongue

- Cases of the (Strawberry) Red tongue

- Cases of the Black hairy tongue

- Causes of dental caries (Tooth decay)

- pharyngitis

- Causes of the heartburn

- Achalasia

- Esophageal varices

- Schatzki Ring

- Causes of the stomach (Peptic) ulcer

- Causes of the diarrhea

- Causes of the constipation

- the colon polyp

- Earwax blockage

- Otitis media

- Asthma

- Smoker's lung

6- coming soon:

- The circulatory system

What's new in this month (May 2019):

- Kidney stones

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