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Sidescrolling. Base building. Tower defense-ing. Rabbit breeding. That kind of stuff.
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About Blackfoot Burrows

What you get:

Sidescrolling. Base building. Tower defense. Army management. Survival. So many features in such a cute little package!
Not convinced? Fine, have some more fancy words: Unlockable skins. Pixel art. Rabbits. Zombies. Skeletons. Other clich├ęs.
There, did that do the trick? No? Fair enough. The whole "marketing your game" thing is not really my thing.

Future plans (from a dude that is bad at planning):

If this thing takes off, there are some features I'd like to add in the future. This is not a promise or a bribe, I promise.
I personally want Xbox controller support, but people keep asking for WASD movement so you can play the game one-handed.
What are you doing with that other hand, buddy?


Update 1.1
(Please note that some reviews might be from before this update)

Added a tutorial
Instead of throwing you in the deep like before, level one now features a short tutorial to get you familiar with the mechanics.

Added story mode
Intertwined with the gameplay you'll now experience a compelling story that spans across all levels.


Cheesy pun to end with:

May the fur be with you.
(Yeah, I'm not proud of that one.)
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