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"Black Hangman" is a classic game based on the game of the hangman. In this game you will have to guess a word knowing only its number of letters and an additional track, if the drawing is completed, you will lose.
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About Black Hangman

"Black Hangman" is based on one of the oldest games ever, played for generations and generations, a game that any child has played.

In this version, as in the original, you will have to guess a word, having as track its number of letters, since you will see as many scripts as there are letters in the word.
Each time you select a letter that is not in the word, a stroke of the drawing of the person hanged will be drawn, therefore, if you do not want to lose you will have to guess the word before the drawing of the person hanged is completed.

In addition, you will have another clue to try to guess the word, a topic, that is, the group to which the word belongs. This track may be very specific and a large track or track a little more ambiguous.
For example, if you have to guess the word "rabitt" the track may simply be "Animal", something very general, or it could be "Land Animal", something more specific.

How to play:

-You just your mouse to play.
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