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This content requires the base game BLACK BIRD on Steam in order to play.
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About BLACK BIRD SoundTrack

Do you want to fully enjoy all of the Phantom Opera? Then, this is a must buy for you!
This is a downloadable BLACK BIRD Soundtrack, which contains all of the music in the game.
They are restructured by a composer Hirofumi Taniguchi. When you listen to them, you feel like you are watching an opera.
It’s highly recommended to purchase if you love this game. But it might be good not to listen to them until you’ve finished the game.

*Contains in-game music and unused music, 17 tracks, 55 minutes in total.
*Jacket image by Kazuyuki Kurashima
*Liner notes of the music by Hirofumi Taniguchi (Japanese text only)

1 The Opening
2 Become a treacherous black bird
-What a terrible fate it is!
3 The bursting of BALNBALN’s balloons
4 I should be able to strike the people down
with greater freedom
5 The Queen challenges to save the people
6 Whilst dodging the sparkling fireballs of TIKIN GLOBOS
7 Bustling streets are what black birds lay waste to
8 Avoiding the lasers of PALADON is the true test
9 Over the nobility's dead bodies
10 Finally, the tower appears
~Oh, when the saviour bears his fangs
11 Surely you didn’t think to defeat me?
―The Queen’s three forms three steps
12 The Queen's obsession lives on even in death
-as a soul gem
13 Lord, return this to the dead girl(Game Over)
14 Aria's promenade(Theme Song)
15 Unused: BGM for the boss of act 4
16 Bonus: Aria's promenade(Karaoke version)
17 Daddy, Aria and…(True ending)
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