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Beast Modon - The Soundtrack

This content requires the base game Beast Modon on Steam in order to play.
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About Beast Modon - The Soundtrack

Whoa... You're here... You... You're considering owning the soundtrack? Like, every song I wrote for this game? Well... Since you're curious, I love you for it, and I want to tell you what you'll be getting.
Level 1: Let It Roar
Level 2: The Fang Shards
Level 3: Poseidon
Level 4: Drowning
Level 5: Cave Busting
Level 6: Shiver
Level 7: The Chase
Level 8: Derelict
Level 9: Fruitless
Level 10: Graduation
Level 11: The Amazon
Boss 1: Wolf Head
Boss 2: Sucktion Muck
Boss 3: Bass Zombie
Boss 4: Shiver
Boss 5: Nightmare Droid
Boss 6: BumbleWasp
Main Menu Theme
Amazonian Exposition
Ending Credits
Thorough Inspection
Community Service
I would highly recommend attempting the appropriate booty-shaking and dance moves for each track. Every file is WAV format, and you have a solid hour of music to chill to... Or create stuff to... Or do any kind of work to... Or... Well, it'll be your copy of the soundtrack, so just do what makes you happy that doesn't annoy people with my music. Love is in each track, as well as heart and soul.
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Developer Jeshawn Chrite
Publisher Jeshawn Chrite
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