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Battlerite Soundtrack

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The Battlerite soundtrack features around 90 minutes of epic music made exclusively for the game and Battlerite promotion videos. Composed by Johan Ilves and Aleksandria Migova, who also composed the music for “Dead Island: Epidemic” and have a history in electronic music compositions.


    [1] Intro Theme
    [2] The Elders
    [3] Lost Heroes
    [4] Alive
    [5] Calling the Champions
    [6] Mountain Spirit
    [7] 500 Years Later
    [8] The Other Lands
    [9] Legends Of Quna
    [10] Warrior Pride
    [11] Rituals
    [12] Beyond The Gate
    [13] End Of Time
    [14] Battle Ghost
    [15] Secrets of Silverdeep
    [16] Champions Rising
    [17] Last Man Standing
    [18] Sudden Death Theme
    [19] Victory Theme
    [20] Blackstone Arena Theme
    [21] Mount Araz Theme
    [22] Orman Temple Theme
    [23] Dragon Garden Theme
    [24] Sky Ring Theme
    [25] Frozen Mists

Bonus tracks:
    [1] 500 Years Later (Trailer Edit)
    [2] Far Away (Trailer Edit)
    [3] E3 Trailer (Trailer Edit)
    [4] The Arena (Trailer Edit)
    [5] For Rasal (Trailer Edit)
    [6] Champions Rising (Trailer Edit)
    [7] The Twisted Terror (Trailer Edit)
    [8] Destiny The Sky Ranger (Trailer Edit)
    [9] Zander The Magnificent Magician (Trailer Edit)
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