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Batch 17 is a story focused, online multiplayer third person shooter with Campaign, PVP and Coop.
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About Batch 17

Batch 17 is a 3rd person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a clone soldier fighting for the ISI Corporation. Stirred from your long slumber in a stasis chamber, you are ordered to deal with a rebel incursion that is disrupting business opportunities for ISI.

Below this point is information that will be regularly updated as the game progresses towards a 1.0 release…


This list will contain information on what content / features are currently playable in Batch 17


Complete missions for friendly NPC characters that not only reward you with gear but progress you through the story in Batch 17.


Either invite your friends to join you on your journey or remain open to PvP / friendly fire while exploring all the game has to offer.


In Batch 17 you gain levels by wearing gear that is both rewarded to you by completing missions and by killing enemies. As you gain levels the difficulty of the AI encounters level with you to create a continually engaging experience.

2 LOCATIONS (Out of 5)

Osiris Space Station (Tutorial / player HUB) – This scene introduces you to the basic gameplay and story of Batch 17 while also being the place players choose which other scenes to visit.

Agdal Asteroid – Open-world jungle scene with missions and plenty of AI encounters where ISI and the rebels clash on a daily basis.


More Scenes

We only have 2 out of the 5 planned scenes playable currently. Once we have the functionality and performance levels where we want them to we will begin introducing the other 3 and allowing players to experience not only the different environments each bring to the table but the story we want to tell through the MISSIONS.

Further Gameplay Mechanics

- More weapons
- More armor types
- PvP specific maps / encounters
- Story expansion / PvE scenes

Controller Support

The basics of functionality are there… but we need to get it enabled and do some testing

Steam Achievements

We have them planned, just need to get them enabled and functioning for the parts of the game that are publicly available.
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