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Nevertheless, the world has perished. 35 years after the Nuclear Apocalypse, spent in the underground shelter, one of its inhabitants makes up his mind to find way out to the surface.
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About 2014.Aftermath

In 1980 the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union was at its climax. No wonder that a minor incident in Eastern Europe was enough for the situation to expand up to the widespread uncontained nuclear clash. The world vanished in the nuclear blaze.

The Soviet Union was well prepared for such scenario and since the fifties implemented the program of construction of huge underground shelter-cities. By the beginning of the war the country had erected a vast network of such cities with highly developed infrastructure.
But in the course of time the fall and the decay became evident. In 2014 one of the residents of such shelter decided to reveal what was going on at the surface. That’s where our story begins…
Pass the way full of dangers and enemies up to the surface.

The game is an action-platformer and consists of eight large levels.

Game features:

  • eight spacious levels
  • traps and puzzles on the way
  • various enemies
  • several kinds or weaponry

The game hasn’t yet been accomplished – it will be substantially improved and advanced. Now you can see a totally functioning prototype.
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Language English,Russian
Windows <div class="game_area_sys_req_full"><ul><strong>Minimum:</strong><br/><ul class="sys-ul"><li><strong>OS:</strong> Windows 7<br/></li><li><strong>Processor:</strong> CPU 1 GHz<br/></li><li><strong>Memory:</strong> 2 GB RAM<br/></li><li><strong>Graphics:</strong> DirectX compatible<br/></li><li><strong>DirectX:</strong> Version 8.1a<br/></li><li><strong>Storage:</strong> 200 MB available space<br/></li><li><strong>Sound Card:</strong> DirectX compatible</li></ul> </ul></div>
Developer Droid Riot
Publisher Droid Riot
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