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The California Gold Rush—been there, done that. By 1859, Northern Nevada was the place to be after a deep vein of silver was discovered under the mountains. Grab your pickaxe, hearty prospector, and mosey on over to the Comstock Lode where new fortune awaits in 1849: Nevada Silver.

Technological advances and lessons learned from the Gold Rush make the Nevada Silver Expansion Pack a rewarding new arena for 1849 players. With trains moving goods between distant cities, steam-powered mills boosting production, and more complex mining processes yielding deeply hidden riches, 1849: Nevada Silver expands on 1849’s
addictive simulation gameplay to provide more challenge on a bustling new frontier.

**1849: Nevada Silver is an add-on for 1849. You must have the original 1849 game to play.**

Key Features

  • Builds on 1849’s simulation gameplay with added difficulty
  • Six new Nevada city scenarios, from frontier outposts to bustling boom towns, plus sandbox mode
  • Train-based trading system adds a new strategic dimension
  • New buildings, mines, and resources based on the industry and technology of the era
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MAC <div class="game_area_sys_req_full"><ul><strong>Minimum:</strong><br/><ul class="sys-ul"><li><strong>OS:</strong> OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later<br/></li><li><strong>Processor:</strong> Intel only<br/></li><li><strong>Memory:</strong> 512 MB RAM<br/></li><li><strong>Storage:</strong> 75 MB available space</li></ul> </ul></div>
Windows <div class="game_area_sys_req_full"><ul><strong>Minimum:</strong><br/><ul class="sys-ul"><li><strong>OS:</strong> Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista<br/></li><li><strong>Processor:</strong> Pentium 4 or better<br/></li><li><strong>Storage:</strong> 75 MB available space</li></ul> </ul></div>
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Language English,German,French,Polish
Developer SomaSim
Publisher SomaSim
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