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About us

In order to facilitate the majority of game players to buy the most suitable CDKEY price, we have specially established this website.


As we all know, the development of the mobile Internet is in full swing, the game market is also showing a situation like a volcanic eruption, games of various platforms appear in front of the majority of game lovers.

Game enthusiasts are overwhelmed. Before starting to play games, buying a CD Key is a hurdle that can't be found on the game player's page. Nowadays, the website selling CD KEY is much more.


The quality of service is even more uneven, and the price is very different. There are many gamers who have spent money but have not bought the right CD Key.


To this end, we have established a keydit, which is designed to make it easy for gamers to find a suitable cd key service provider and to screen out relatively qualified cd key sellers for gamers.


It is relatively reasonable to reduce the time it takes for gamers to purchase CD keys and to purchase Gift cards.